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Adding Insulation to your attic is one of the most beneficial, cost-effective improvements one can make to their home or business.

Attics should have at least 16" of insulation, which is today's current code.  Chances are, most houses have less than this; which means ENERGY (ie., YOUR MONEY) is being wasted. 

Add Insulation to your attic today; make your family more comfortable, and cut your ENERGY BILLS IN HALF.


  • Add the correct amount of insulation to your attic using the 'RIGHT' material - blown-in fibreglass or cellulose, ensuring your insulation meets the current code.

  • If required, using state-of-the-art equipment, Stevens will vacuum and dispose of any insulation that is compromised by rodents/dampness/fire etc.

  • Ensure that your attic is properly vented, by adding baffles at the soffit as needed (venting reduces ice damming as well as moisture issues in the winter, and allows heat in the attic to escape in the summer).

  • Add Insulation to the attic hatch (a poorly insulated hatch is a major source of energy loss, and a contributor to high energy cost), as well as add rulers to the attic so a quick visual will ensure proper amount of insulation

  • Stevens Insulation installers use vacuums, drop cloths & plastic to protect your home

  • Invite homeowners to have a look in the attic, and go over the work that has been completed

Our brand new, Canadian-made insulation removal vacuum is powerful enough to remove all types of blown insulation.  With our state-of-the-art insulation removal system, most attics only take a couple of hours to handle. 

Before we re-insulate your attic, let the courteous, licensed and WSIB-insured crew at Stevens Insulation handle the "dirty work" for you...in a fraction of the time!

*Please Note: We will not remove vermiculite that has tested positive for asbestos.  

Not sure?  Let Stevens Insulation Services test your vermiculite for you.

Let Us Do The Dirty Work...In A Fraction Of The Time!

As the area that leaks the most is the sill plate/header pockets where the wood of the home rests on the foundation, it is critical that this area be insulated.  When the heat is ON - and rising - in the home, it will pull the outside air INSIDE the home through cracks and holes between the plate and the foundation (this is created by the foundation moving during the freeze and thaws), into the crawl space through convection.  SPRAY FOAM INSULATION will COMPLETELY SEAL/INSULATE that area.

What are Crawl Spaces?  Crawl spaces (which are spaces that are typically 4 ft high or less that are below an existing structure) are usually connected to an opening to the main basement, or can be the only space below a home.  Very common in Century Homes, crawl spaces can have walls constructed of rubble/stones or a combination of bricks, rocks, etc.